Centra Mantrozh det Risserzh de Blochticue

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Centra Mantrozh det Risserzh de Blochticue (Sentra Montrosh det Rizersh de Bloktik), abbreviated CMRB and translated into OC Montrosian Center for Blockticle Research, is a blockticle research center based in Stujikhabstak Mountain, Windiya, Estate of Wind, Montrose, created and founded by Cocos2D. Its main purpose is to allow physicists to study blockticle physics, particle physics, and the amazing wonders that make up our world.

"Structures, creatures, mobs, players, and even intangible elements like dripping water or smoke can be described through blockticle physics." ― Mitomon[source]

The CMRB is currently under construction and any entrance/access is prohibited unless the entering user is a Montrosian government official, Redstone Valley government official, authorized construction worker, Estateholder of Wind or Subestateholder of Wind (currently open).