Stujikhabstak Mountain

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map of ninikhak
Borders of the Ninikhaj Mountains including Stuji., Riloa. and Leat.

The Ninikhaj Mountains are a trio of mountains in the western part of Windiya. This trio consists of Riloafugjimo Peninsula, Leatoesogkusa Hill and Stujikhabstak Mountain.
The biggest of these three mountains is Stujikhabstak Mtn., which also has Irjurmasa Yijo, a coal mine cave that lies within the mountain.


The area is controlled and ruled under the Queen.


Riloafugjimo Peninsula

Literal translation of Riloafugjimo: little nature tower
This peninsula is the westernmost part of Windiya. It is a peninsula that protrudes from the Stujikhabstak Mountain. It is the smallest of the three mountains.
Not much is important about this peninsula.

Leatoesogkusa Hill

Literal translation of Leatoesogkusa: green
Not much can be said about this grassy mountain. It shares land with the Stujikhabstak Mountain, but is separated by the stone section and the snowy mountain.

Stujikhabstak Mountain

Literal translation of Stujikhabstak: snowy death pit
This mountain has the largest portion of land in the Ninikhaj Mountains. It also features the Irjurmasa Yijo, a mineshaft that was used to collect coal to fuel the Brewind Brewery during its times of startup.