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Balandis Flag as of 2022-05-12

Balandis is a country made up of the islands of Botania in the West Sea. Originally a colony of Goomlandia it fell into West Sea Protection for several months before being finally settled by Canadian who founded the Nation of Balandis. It is one of the few nations on Elgeis to exhibit a tax system, private property is taxed and the collections from the tax go to funding government projects such as road construction. Balandis is considered a pure democracy where instead of representatives being voted in, every citizen votes on every single issue. Even the supposed "leader" of the nation is nothing more than an honorary title granted out of necessity due to the nature of the Faction System.

Balandish Culture

Balandis is exemplified by their unique cultural identity. Well other countries view strength and masculinity as synonyms, Balandis rejects that view and views Femininity as it's source of strength. Many myths and legends surround the Balandish Culture, including the legend of The Great Hero Astolfo who in legend protected the original Balandish People and their lifestyle from tyranny. His presence is still felt in Balandish Culture as many citizens honor him and his work. The most notable example of this is Astolfo's Line, a one kilometer Hyperbelt line that connects Balandis City to the rest of the Hyperbelt.

Although many citizens and foreigners consider Balandish Culture to be synonymous with "Femboys" this is not technically true, Balandish Culture is not a culture rooted around femininity of men exclusively but instead a celebration of femininity of any gender.

You can often catch Balandish Citizens by their obvious skirts and socks.



The nation was originally established on Feb 19th, 2022 with authorization from the West Sea by ACanadianGuy (Official Name, Blank). Initial public opinion on the nation was very bad due to Canadian's recent controversy. However over the next couple of months the opinion of the nation grew as Canadian's controversy got sorted out. Initial progress was slow as Canadian focused most of his work on Repaying Goomlandia, however some more progress has been made since then.

1st Ozai - Balandis War

As soon as Balandis was declared a nation Camaradultudor, one of the leaders of Ozai, declared war on the nation calling it "Ba(rdum)landis" as a reference to the infamous nation lead by Endossi. This lasted half a day as Ozai withdrew their declaration as negotiations continued.

Attempted Merge with Montrose

During one of Canadian's mining sessions his sanity slipped and he violated The Konstitucija and tried to forcefully merge with Montrose. Threatening war if they refused, This was later rescinded and instead the nation was renamed to Montrose and eventually back to Balandis after Canadian's episode.

2nd Ozai - Balandis War

On April 10th, 2022, a date which will live in infamy. Balandis was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and land forces of the Empire of Ozai. Under the guise of a "special military operation" The western most island of Botania was occupied by Ozan Forces. Where construction was begun on a Floppa Statue. After a short fight Canadian successfully stopped the construction by stealing their supplies and running. After more fighting Canadian lost her gear and had to resort to gruella tactics to stop Ozai. With mutiple warnings to Ozai, Canadian entered core Ozai land and indiscriminately burned down every single building they owned. On accident he accidentally burned down a Wohlstand Embassy igniting tension between Balandis and Wohlstand for a short while. Although Canadian was criticized for some of his more extreme actions against Ozai, he ultimately gained a positive reputation, especially compared to before the war. With Staunch Anti-Ozans praising him for his work against Ozai.

The Great and Holy Bard of Notos, His Holiness, Patriarch of Yugopoli, Kralj of Lososha, The Son of Salmon, Lord of Polgolas; Protector of the Yugoslav, Schevakian, Loshki, Baguettan, and Fauxanite People; Joiner of Nations, Holy of Holies, First among Equals, Upholder of the Law, Diviner of the Zakon, Conqueror of the Ozan People, The Joyous One, Hero of the Desert, and the Most Holy Emperor-On-High, His Majesty, The Unmatched Emperor Poptart I of Lososha and Lazarica even wrote a song about the war he praised Canadian for his actions against Ozai well simultaneously mocking Camara.

The war escalated with Ozai releasing a horde of withers on Balandish Land which along with mining efforts caused the complete leveling of multiple Balandish Islands as well as causing the destruction and partial destruction of several historical sites. Ozan actions soon got other countries involved. After Ozan forces threatened the historical lands of Bontania, Montrosian peacekeeping forces intervened to stop the destruction of more Balandish lands. Changing their tactics Ozai promised to not destroy any more Balandish land. However directly after dealing with the threat of war with Montrose one of the Ozan withers wandered into HUM territory nearly sparking a full out conflict between HUM and Ozai.

The war finally ended when without warning or pretense Cam suddenly dropped dead. His exact cause of death is still currently unknown, Canadian claims he is responsible for Cam's death however this claim has yet to be proven.