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"That’s because you haven’t added the minecraft sex plugin" - Sydak


Sydak, Formerly known as ACanadianGuy, is the Princess of Emeraldia and former Prime-Minister/Co-leader of Balandis. Currently she is known for her commitment to Emeraldia and strong anti-war stance. She is also a strong advocate of Overworld transportation systems such as the Hyperbelt due to her anti-nether beliefs

Life (Pre-Disappearance)

Early Life

Sydak came into the world on November 23, 2021 as the daughter of King Random_Person96 of Emeraldia. Her mother has yet to have been determined, although Sydak suspects her to be ethnically Montrosian Caracalistinian. At the time of her birth Emeraldia was a very poor and undeveloped nation and Sydak quickly decided to move overseas for better prospects.

Time in Goomlandia

Attracted to the big city life, Sydak joined the nation of Goomlandia and settled down in Goomtown. She started off her career by launching a the Goomlandian Space Center in Oberos. Her troubles began when Grooge64 and Goomyman77's involvement in MedimaNN's raid against Fianna came into light, causing Fianna to demand Goomlandia return parts of former Bagelonia to Fianna. This was especially problematic for Sydak as she lived in Jaune, part of the land Fianna demanded be returned. The controversy caused Goomlandia's Leader and Co-leader to abandon the nation, prompting Sydak to run for Leader. The election ended with Sydak losing out to Taming_ocelots, however Sydak was then appointed to the position of Co-leader by Taming. As Co-Leader Sydak set out to set up the trail for Grooge64 and Goomyman77.

It all started to go down hill when Kaab claimed the Voidnest region, which set off a chain of events which would lead to Sydak's lowest point. The controversy caused two Goomlandia to leave Goomlandia causing Goomlandia to become overclaimed. Sydak's poor political experience lead her to panic and kick Grooge64 and Goomyman77 from the faction hoping it would placate Kaab, although in reality this only led to Goomlandia becoming more overclaimed. At this point Sydak began to panic even more which eventually led her to leaking the Goomlandian Internals in a desperate and foolish to get someone to "appreciate" her actions. This action left her with debt she is still paying off to Goomlandia to this day.


Sydak claiming Montrose has replaced Grooge64

After the incident Sydak returned to Emeraldia, despite world wide protest. At this point she had her first episode of Schizophrenia causing her to believe Montrose was out to get her, that Montrose replaced Grooge64 was replaced and the real one turned into a pig, and that Montrose used Banksy to Mindcontrol her into leaking Goomlandian Documents. The pig, it turns out, was actually Camaradultudor's pet. This led to another controversy due the fact she kidnapped "Grooge64" attempting to "Save him". At the same time Sydak provoked and attacked Saashin, causing yet another controversy.

Soon afterwards Sydak was imprisoned in a Lava-filled cell, which Sydak protested as she claimed it was very painful. Eventually she escaped the prison with the help of Random_Person96 and to a lesser extent Taming_Ocelots, this later led to Random being arrested and detained in Montrose. Sydak was then moved into a nicer cell in Goomlandia, which again caused global outrage. Sydak would later apologize to both Saashin and Cam.

Sydak was released from Prison on January 28, 2022... and then imprisoned again by Goomlandia on January 30th. During her Imprisonment Sydak was attacked by Cam due to her relation with Emeraldia, which was at war with Ozai at the time. After the trail Sydak was sentenced to 12 days in prison and fined 158 diamond blocks for her actions against Goomlandia.

Time as Prime Minister of Balandis

After being released from prison Sydak decided to once again to leave Emeraldia due to it's ongoing war with Ozai. Wanting to pursue peace after the chaos of the last few months Sydak decided to create a new nation in the West Sea named Balandis. Immediately afterwards Ozai declared war, before declaring peace a day later.

Kaab Incident

After being banned from Kaab on March 26, 2022, Sydak fell into a deep depression and locked herself in the Balandis City National Cupboard for several days

Montrose Incident

Due to the aforementioned Kaab incident, combined with stress from mining, Sydak's sanity slipped once again. This lead to her declaring Balandis to be a part of Montrose without Montrosian permission, then declaring war on Montrose, then retracting the declaration of war, then renaming Balandis to Montrose, then renaming "Montrose" to Femboylantis, and eventually renaming it back to Balandis. This episode led to much public annoyance.

Camara announcing a "special military operation" against Balandis

2nd Ozai-Balandis War

On April 10th 2022, Balandis long lasting peace was suddenly broken when Ozai announced a "special military operation" against Balandis, occupying the western most island. Sydak attempted to fight off the Ozan invaders but was stopped by Cam. Shortly after Cam accused MrElFranko of aiding Sydak and demanded Obios kick Franko out of their faction. Soon after Montrosian forces intervened to protect the historical sites in Botania Balandis. By that evening the war had escalated with Sydak invading Ozai proper and destroying several buildings. Montrose peacekeeping forces soon left after Ozai promised not to destroy any historical sites. Late into the night the war continued to escalate with Cam claiming Miksa, a Montrosian, shot at Ozan troops.

Next morning one of Ozai's withers wandered into HUM causing another international incident.

Camara - ThePoptartTARDIS

On April 12, 2022 The war came into a close with Sydak claiming responsiblity for killing Camaradultudor, although his later return would cast seriously doubt on this original claim. During the war Sydak was granted the title of “Niece of Salmon” by The Fishmongering Kingdom of Losoša. A song was also written and composed by the The Great and Holy Bard of Notos, His Holiness, Patriarch of Yugopoli, Kralj of Lososha, The Son of Salmon, Lord of Polgolas; Protector of the Yugoslav, Schevakian, Loshki, Baguettan, and Fauxanite People; Joiner of Nations, Holy of Holies, First among Equals, Upholder of the Law, Diviner of the Zakon, Conqueror of the Ozan People, The Joyous One, Hero of the Desert, and the Most Holy Emperor-On-High, His Majesty, The Unmatched Emperor Poptart I of Lososha and Lazarica, which tells the story of Sydak's fight against Camaradultudor.

Ilyria Conflict

On May 3rd 2022, Miksa declared the nation of Ilyria an independent nation within Nótos borders. as close friends with ThePoptartTARDIS, Sydak decided to assist with putting down the rebellion. Due to Sydak and Poptart's combined efforts peace was eventually achieved.

Official meme signifying the alliance between Balandis and Nótos

Soon afterwards Balandis announced an Official alliance with Nótos.

3rd Ozai-Balandis War

On May 14th Emeraldia and the WSSP entered into a conflict with Ozai due to land disputes. This led to Sydak's second biggest mistake and eventual two year disappearance. Sydak used the opportunity to declare war on Ozai with hopes of assisting the WSSP without actually consulting the WSSP. Shortly afterwards the WSSP and Ozai signed peace, although peace was not guaranteed for Balandis. Eventually Sydak took Bingus hostage in hopes of securing peace, but ended up panicking and killing Bingus. This led to international outrage. In the end Sydak abandoned Balandis and announced her suicide.

Time in Nótos

After several days of being missing Sydak announced to the world she was still alive and promised to destroy Floppaism. Before quickly coming back to her senses and apologizing.

Soon afterwards Sydak joined Nótos for protection under the condition she incite violence or delay repaying debt to Goomlandia. She later briefly attempted to found the "Unified nations" to keep peace, although this ended up going nowhere. Later, Sydak's longstanding Schizophrenic episodes caused another incident where she claimed nether portals would lead to the end of the world. Soon after she announced she had converted to floppaism despite The Floppaist Convention not accepting Sydak. This led to Sydak claiming Floppa spoke to her and that The Floppaist Convention aren't true Floppaists. Sydak would later be kicked out of Nótos for failing to keep up her end of the promises and promptly went missing for several years.