Bagelonian Ultimatum

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The Bagelonian Ultimatum was an ultimatum sent by the Bagelonian bloc (including Bagelonia, the Sylvian Union, ToeGANG, the Kingdom of Vailan and several others) to Goomlandia following the Sylvian Occupation of Goomlandia during the dispute known as the Bagelonian Question.


Goomyman77, leader of Goomlandia,

Due to your disgraceful acts, both in building Chene in disputed territory and the recent breach of the agreement which was reached weeks ago, meant to create a lasting peace between our two nations,

Bagelonia, with the full support of the signatories of this ultimatum, has decided to annex the entirety of its claims in Goomlandian territory, shown here outlined by black. Furthermore, Brainstem’s Island will be ceded to Toe Gang, shown here outlined in red. Any pre-existing borders outside of this change will of course remain in effect; this map is not exact and further clarifications may be worked out within its scope.

To enforce this annexation, we have both ridden the newly-annexed areas of Goomlandian insignia and faction claims where possible, and we have faction-claimed the following as ransom:

  • Your house
  • The Bageltown storehouse
  • The Goomlandian armory
  • Goomlandia’s collection of enchanted books
  • The Bageltown discotheque
  • The Bageltown potato shop
  • The Bageltown leather shop

The ransomed land, as well as items stored in chests therein, will be left untouched and given back to Goomlandia as soon as Goomlandia accepts this ultimatum and unclaims the remaining land. Storage areas within the annexed areas have also been claimed, and the items stored therein will be given back when this ultimatum is accepted.

By these strongly-defined borders, which Bagelonia will not expand outside of at the expense of Goomlandia, we hope that a lasting settlement can be reached.

If you decline this ultimatum, more land will be taken hostage, among other escalations. Extreme restraint regarding this situation has been shown both in the past and is being shown right now. It will not be shown again.



-The Sylvian Union

-Toe Gang