Aquascissors Memorial Governance Building

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This article is about the large building in the center of HUM. For the road-building aficionado, see aquascissors.

The Aquascissors Memorial Governance Building, colloquially referred to as "HUM Skyscraper", is currently the largest building in HUM Proper, serving as the centerpiece for the developing city and a hub for HUM's government functions. It was primarily built by GoatWhisperer, supplemented by MTJNC filling in a large amount of blue stained glass in some areas.


Pictured right, the original home of aquascissors consisted of a pair of wooden towers with a third warehouse-style building under construction, as well as floating pathways to various locations in HUM.

The building was named after the former player aquascissors, whose home formerly stood on the grounds.

The wooden planks from the home was salvaged to construct interior spaces in the skyscraper, and the design of the office spaces was made to mimic that of the preexisting house.


While access is closed off to unsupervised non-Hummites, it's known that the building touts a number of water elevators leading from the lobby on up to a number of offices for Hummite officials (each Director is afforded an office) and a large boardroom for ceremonious meetings. Space within the building is slated for official government programs and facilities. There is also said to be common storage somewhere in the building. Construction is ongoing.