Tower of Babel

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The Towers of Babel or (ToBs) were build by Captin_Roman. They are massive stone towers that exist all around LGS. Each one has a story of its creation furthermore each one has a four letter word that is associated with that particular ToB.

The First Tower of Babel

Below is a quote by Captin_Roman on the first ToB

The first TOB or Tower of Babel was first constructed way back during fall 2019 and I started building it not thinking to start a series of world height builds but because I was bored I had recently joined the server in late August I believe and not a month after that Coscus the first Stradovan had already passed on into legend leaving me alone on an empty gravel mountain, surrounded by a vast desert. The only other players I ever interacted with were vailaners to the west and the only interactions that I had were that of trade. At that time I was lost and bored out of my mind. One day I logged on to find a massive nerd pole made of stone brick that raised to the heavens. I’m not sure how it got there or who built it but from that second I knew I had to build a tower out of that nerd pole. And so it began... With most TOB’s I kept the details of its construction to myself and for a time nobody else knew of its existence ... During this time I smelted my own stone on a wall of furnaces. (this was before I had any silk touch) Seeing this was the first tower I’ve built, it ended up being the largest tower I’ve built on this server, it also ended up being the tower that took the longest amount of time to finish. Fun fact the first TOB originally did not go to world height it was later built up to world height when I developed the parkour for the first TOB half a year later. The first TOB is also known as the tower of Love this is because the ground floor of the tower is used for weddings/marriages. From within the TOB you can find the stradovan undercity from here you can access almost all of stradova from the underground. The moment that I placed the final stone brick on the first TOB I began to have visions of another world, when I grasped at these visions in my hand I held Kudzu. This was our first known connection to the garden world. Later in the year I would step between our world in the garden world and truly discover Hallas realm.