Tales of Stone and Air

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This is the incomplete list of the Tales of Stone and Air, a collection of tales that document the lives of the cave dwellers of Windiya, from whom it is said they were written. All tales documented here were uncovered from the Caves of Windiya. More are being uncovered.

Volume I

Heat for our Cold Hands

Frosted, our air so cold, no warmth. Something of the past. A strike of a rock right against a shard of metal, a new technology!

Finally, warmth, we struck it on our goddess' rock. Oh has she hidden this great warmth from us all along?

We find an outline of what we believe to be a housing, incomplete. A purple rock. What does it mean?

Iron, Iron

We sharpen our stone, yes, and we use it to crack the ground, yes. What are these blue protrusions of the ground?

They shine brighter than our glowing stone, brighter than our fungus lights. But how can it be?

They do not produce their own light but rather reflect the dancing flames. They are too tough to crack into two each.

We dig them up with our hardened iron, but we do not take its stone, but rather the protrusions.

What are they? I find they can slowly, but easily, destroy the purple.

The Bat, the Figure, the Tall, the Bones, the Crawler

Afraid of the unknown? No, rather, we venture across our narrow tunnels, and the other side we find a bright glow.

Some new type of stone. It is tough, but not sharp; it is not stone. We consume less time in our destruction against it.

It is all over. It connects cliffs to each other. Our beloved metal laid on top of it, connecting it, almost.

It flames. It flames, but not the stone itself; our beloved black stone that fuels our fires. That is what flames.

Our beloved iron that strongly holds and demolishes in the shape of a person-sized bucket, on top of the iron lining.

We follow its tunnels. A bat, two, three, but not where the flaming stones are, in our path. An endless journey.

Containers, and these iron buckets containing containers, full of our blue protrusions. Have we been stolen from?

Some green. What is it? It moves, but what is it? We approach. It hisses.

Explosion. It is gone, and so is the surrounding stone. What was that Figure?

Purple shadows. Resembling the purple stone. A tall black figure, so bold devoid of light against the flaming stone's light, emitting purple shadows.

It chases us, but hates water. It is dead. What was that Tall?

Rattles. Rattles, rattles, the fwoosh of an arrow, the impact on the stone. But only once. What were those Bones?

What was that Crawler on its four legs of each side, hissing, not too dissimilar of the Figure, that was the only one to not harm us since the Bat?


A cold blue, lined across a tunnel. We follow the tunnel with our warmth, and see where it leads.

The water from which we brew, a column. Our goddess' sand of souls, emitting bubbles, but we all dare not touch it.

Except the one. The one enters the water column, and does not return. we dare not follow the one, so we flee.

Perhaps we are not the only among the surface.


With our protrusions we are able to destroy our purple rock. We try to create a frame in which we can construct off of.

We light it with fire so we are able to see. It does not light fire.

Between the rocks comes a purple, brighter, light, so we try to investigate. But we are no longer on the surface.

We understand this to be a sign of the goddess. She has led us to warmth, and she leads us to a glowing stone.

A giant tower with the stone of the bridges and containers. It grows a fungus light. What are these lights?

Volume II

The One

The One returns to us. The One tells us about a world brighter, warmer, bigger than we could ever imagine.

The One tells us about creatures on four legs, varying in color.

A pink creature, a brown creature. A red resembling the brown.

A white creature, and one with a tag reading in some unknown language. This creature apparently is more than one color.

The One mentions the stone of the bridges, and how it is everywhere, and how there are tall towers made of the stone.

The One even states that the One has seen another one of us, but in different sheltering attire, interacting with the stone towers.

The One believes this world is higher than us.

The One is dead.

Dead End

We cannot return to our bridges of stone.

A clump of stone in which our rock of flame falls in our way and completely covers the path.

How did this happen?

Volume III

Destructive Tree

Says he standing by his bedside, "Stay away from that land we see off our shores! The trees will kill you!"

So, as we look at him with confused faces,

Tais recounts his deadly experience, going about his day with a plan to make a new home.

He wishes not to live in such a frigid cave, and we, while disagreeing as we are used to such an environment, admire this decision.

He brings his tool of blue rock to the sturdy stock of the tree, and begins hacking away.



Up north, in the oddly shaped land. Very flat land.

Volume IV

Volume IV is missing.

Volume V

Volume V is missing.

Volume VI

Volume VI is missing.

Volume VII

Volume VII is missing.

Volume VIII

Volume VIII is missing.

Volume IX


out of the cave. i remove all access to it.

i'm never going back.

this new warmth is too good. i'm the last to survive the avalanche.

they were all to weak to shovel up the gravel. i don't even care about their absense.

they're probably being mauled by those... things.

they should have never messed with those black skulls.

can't even hear it.

i need to find a new life in this new "heavenly" region. maybe i was fated by the gods to be here.

i'm going to build a place to live.


what? more people around me?

these people have chosen to "claim" sections of land to live on. what?!

these people, or person, call themselves...

what is that name?

i respect them not.

Volume X

Once a Dweller Now a Baller

the title says it all.