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Republik was written by Mr_Waffles17.


Too long has the Schevakian elite schemed in the houses of power, waged frivolous wars, and lined their pockets while the working people, the real Schevakian people, starved.

As Chairman of the Communist Party of Schevakia and Guarantor of the wellbeing of the common people, I hereby declare myself ruled of the Poeple's Republik of Schevakia.

The Proletariat has seized the Senate Building and the means of production. All private property is now the property of the state and shall be redistributed amongst the poor of Schevakia.

I urge the false rulers of Old Schevakia, the CSA, and Jacksonia to pledge allegiance to my rule, or face the righteous justice of the Schevakian underclass.

This is the dawning of a new era for the people of Schevakia.

From the sunstarved masses of the Undercity to the peasants of the West Ward, from the gladiators in the Arena, who die for the entertainment of the Bourgeoisie to humble folk of the Polgolan swamp, left to rot by an apathetic aristocracy.

I urge all working people of Schevakia to throw off the chains of the superstructure and rise up against their oppressors.

Long Live the Revolution!