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Stylized map of Vostok's claims


Vostok, formerly known as VSFSR, UFYSR, and the Republic of Yugoslavia, is a nation in the Balkan region of Elgeis. The main goals of the nation are to create a modern, industrialized society that focuses on developed infrastructure and resource production.



VSFSR was founded April 20th, 2020, when Yugoslavia dissolved and split its lands into 3 nations. TSA, Srbija, and of course VSFSR. At time of founding it had 2 members, BirchwoodMC and Darin_The_Sly.


Elgeis International Parks Organization

The goal of this organization is to help officially establish national parks and protected natural areas within any country interested in participating. Other goals of the organization are to establish a means to collect spare natural resources that will be used to restore natural areas that have been damaged by anything ranging from deforestation to war.