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Wohlstand is an isolated country with a semi-constitutional monarchy as its government. Located in the mid north. It is known for its farming practices, ship building, and beliefs in its peoples forefathers.

Domestic Policy


The Wohlstand government is lead by the Wohlk and Lawspeaker. The Wohlk is the head of the monarchy and political representation of Wohlstand. The Lawspeaker is the head of the Alþingi.

The roles of the Wohlk are to manage the Ljéní, Leikstjori and Ljéníships, manage the Meistari and the elections for them.

The roles of the Lawspeaker are to manage the Alþingi and pass motions set forth.

There have been different Wohlks in Wohlstands history many contributing a lot to the way Wohlstand is today, Bowilla, 0kej, GymShady69, Golden_TM and InformalSandwich have all been Wohlk with 0kej being the longest serving Wohlk.


The meistari are the citizens in charge of a certain part of the nation. As of current there is eight meistari positions. They are referred to as Meistari of, followed by the position. The eight meistari are Interior, Fields, Coin, Roads, Cartography, Livestock, Breweries and War.

Meistari of Interior manages the government documents and gives insight and ideas of how to run/change the government. Ex: They wrote the Alþingi proposal document.

Meistari of Fields is the most culturally important meistari. They manage and create all fields in the nation and colonies.

Meistari of Coin manages the trade and exports of the nation. They collect a tax from the Leikstjori, of which there is currently one atm (Askar), trade.

Meistari of Roads is in charge of all infrastructure. Roads, bridges, walls, tunnels, rails, ice roads, and Wohlstand's NELT connections are all under jurisdiction of this position.

Meistari of Cartography is in charge of making maps, surveying, and inspection of borders in the country.

Meistari of Livestock is in charge of all animals in the country. They manage SkinWalker Ranch, The Jaumarn cat shelter, the procurement of new animals and the harvesting of animal products.

Meistari of Breweries manages the many breweries across Wohlstand. They also deal with the production and sale of their products.

Mesitari of War manages the armories and production of weapons for Wohlstand. Forts and walls are also under their control, although they do not construct them.

Ljéní, Leikstjori and Ljéníships

Ljéní is the title given to a citizen who is in charge of a province. Ljéníship is the term referred to when speaking about the province and Ljéní, ex: regen3r8 has the Ljéníship of Gjorn.

Leikstjori is the title given to a citizen that is in charge of a semi-autonomous region in the nation. There is currently only one which is Leikstjori InformalSandwich of Askar. They are subject to Wohlstandic laws but are in complete control of what happens to/in the province.

There is currently eight Ljéní and nine Ljéníships, one Leikstjori.


Wohlstand has a fair sized population compared to other nations of Elgeis. Currently there are fifteen citizens that live in the borders of Wohlstand and one that lives in Azranir, an estate in the nation of Montrose. Most Wohls live in a province by themselves. They live, work, and develop the province by themselves. The most populated province is the capitol province of Jaumarn with four citizens residing here, however most Wohls have a residence here, we refer to them as a metropolitan.

There is five ethnic groups in Wohlstand. There are Askarian, Cactian, Dottian, Navaskian and Wohlstandic. There are two Askarians, one Cactian, one Dottian, two Navaskains, and nine Wohlstandic.

Each ethnic group has its own unique architectural style, and way of life. All groups at there core follow the Wohlstandic ways.

Provinces of Wohlstand

There is currently sixteen provinces, thirteen in the mainland and three outside of the mainland. All Ljéníships are a province but not all provinces are a Ljéníship. Of the sixteen, nine are a Ljéníship and one a Leikstjori.

Provinces inside mainland Wohlstand:


Cactia is the former country of Cactus Town. It is the most western province and is almost exclusively desert. Currently there is only one city, Cactus Town. UniqueSand is the Ljéní.


Dottia is in the borders of former country Black Dot Empire. It is situated in the north on the ocean. It is fairly small and uninhabited, although there is a brewing facility located there.

Dei Prjnkei

Dei Prjkei is in central Wohlstand contanting two key locations, Dreidour the mountian keep and Dei Prjnkei (The compound). A large bee farm is located in Dei Prjnkei. There is also a naval fort here. Golden_TM is the Ljéní.


Fynuu is the former territory of Squarenough from the country Farnough. A large flat area contains a tree farm, bee farm, and a large horse stable. There is also a TOB located here.


Gjorn is a larger province in the western part of the nation. A large castle and massive wall are the focal point of this province. Most of the province is a dark oak forest. regen3r8 is the Ljéní.


Hveit is a small province and the farthest east. It has the city of Hveiti and Agota town as the two settlments. It has one of the two terracotta factories in Wohlstand. There is a lookout fort located on its southern border. InformalSandwich is the Ljéní.


Jaumarn is the capitol province of Wohlstand. There are many loactions and settlements. Jaumarn is the capitol city, Samloka is here as well and contains a large mine and the Beeplex as well as SkinWalker Ranch. Cjeni is a small town in the south of the province. The Field of Wohlstand is the largest wheat/agricultural centre in the nation and world. The Great Hall, Library of 0kej, Alþingi building, WohlPost, Wohlstand Media Tower and embassies are all located here. Few citizens live here and its the most populous province. No Ljéní exists here as it is the duty of all Wohlstandians to manage and grow the capitol.

Kamp Klubb

Kamp Klubb is the newest province located in the southwest of Wohlstand. It is a small town. It is mostly a large birch and spruce forest. YourRegularJoe04 is the Ljéní.


Navaska is located in the southeast of Wohlstand and is home to the ethnic group of Navaskians. There are two cities here, Lindisfarne and the Hub. Lindisfarne is the oldest city in Wohlstand. CheesyWoody is the Ljéní.

North Shore

North Shore is large unpopulated province in the northwest. There are large farms here. Its main purpose is for a large sea port as it is situated on the Wohlstand Bay.

Northern Woods

Northern Woods is a large province with a few forts and farms. It is consisting of mountains and a dark oak forest.

Stilted Delta

Stilted Delta is a northern province on the Sea of Wohlstand. It is a small town situated on stilts in the water. It is a trading town at the mouth of the Jaumarn river. allstarad is the Ljéní.


Snjohald is the northern most province. It is located in the snowy mountains and plains. There is a large iron farm located here. The last Ljéní here was a former Wohlk 0kej. GymShady69 is the Ljéní.

Provinces outside mainland Wohlstand:


Askar is a colony in the far west of the world. It used to be the nation of Askar. It is home to the sub Wohl ethnic group of Askarians. It is a wealthy industiral province with the city of Arkavollur and the Forge of Askar being the two settlements. The largest terracotta factory is located here as well as the largest mine system in Wohltand. InfomalSandwich is the Leikstjori.


Suðureyjar or the southern isles is a far south province in the west sea. The Jaarn Saari is a island that was the homeland of the Wohls, it has the city of Wohlsteinn. North Bay is also here and part of the Wohl homelands. GymShady69 is the Ljéní.

Wohsahill Archipelago

Wohsahill Archipelago is a group of islands in the Sea of Wohlstand. It is home to a large sea port and used to go to the prismarine farm shared with Syslajal.

Economy and Industry


Farming is an integral part of the nations economy. Wheat is regularly sold in bulk to new nations or nations during a food crisis. Chicken and its products are also sold in great numbers to the global market. Other produce and animal products are sold just not a significant amount to effect the nations economy.

Apiary Products

Wohlstand has five bee farms across the nation and is the largest producer of apiary products. Honey, beeswax and the blocks that can be produced with them are always in production. Multiple farms exceed 200 bees. The farms range from open fields and forest to large production facilites such as the Beeplex in Samloka.


There are several large underground quarries in Wohlstand that produce vast amounts of stone, andesite, granite, diorite and gravel. They have been sold in large amounts in the past.

Terracotta is the largest industry, in terms of sales, in Wohlstand. Multiple orders are completed each month with an average sale of 64-100 diamonds. The provinces of Askar and Hveiti have two of the largest terracotta factories in the world.

Minerals and Ore

Early History


From the knowledge recovered from old books in the Wohlstandic archives, the original refugees from Old Wohlstand fleeing from turmoil and famine landed long ago on the Járn Saari. Once they had settled they announced that this was their "Lasken", said to be from an old eastern Wohlstandic dialect it translates to "Landing". These early Wohlstandic peoples were said to have created many beautiful artworks and architecture, early modern Wohlstandic architecture were more primitive and smaller than their earlier counterparts. the only known settlement from these older Wohlstandic peoples was the ruined city of Kirsoka which was destroyed in the Wohlstandic Reformation.


The earliest era of modern Wohlstand, "Rise" consisted mostly of infrastructural projects and conflict. The former capital city of Wohlsteinn was constructed during this era, but most attention was on the nearby settlement of Northbay, which was claimed during the short time Wohlstand was incorporated inside Montrose. Northbay was an early Wohlstandic agriculture center, which was soon transferred when Wohlstand seceded from Montrose and more attention was centered on the Járn Saari which translates to "the Iron Islands". One of the earliest conflicts Wohlstand was involved in was the Schevakian claiming of Northbay, known as the Northbay Tensions by Wohlstandians. The outcome of these tensions was a peaceful one, something the older Wohlstandians were pleased with.

"Sea of Growth"

The era known as "Sea of Growth", was an era made up of a variety of political, ideological, and architectural changes, mostly due to the newest Wohlstandian at the time Bowilla. Bowilla is widely regarded as a incredibly important figure in Wohlstand's history, shaping Wohlstands ethics and ideals, along with bringing architectural ideas, and new literature to Wohlstand. During this era the capital city of Wohlsteinn was expanded, focusing on shipbuilding and metalworks. With the surge of nationalistic fervor during this era, the tree became a important figure to Wohlstandians, as Wohlstand itself was a barren, hilly landscape, To Wohlstandians the tree was a symbol of defiance and perseverance.

Middle History


"Shaken" was an unsure and crippling time for Wohlstand, "Shaken" is named after the shaken ideals and thoughts during this era. During this era Wohlstand had joined the Balkan Federation, a collection of states in the Balkan region. Wohlstandian ideals and thoughts were influenced by other states, and culminated in the Wohlstandian claiming of Schevakian Illyria, which after the PRS ultimatum of unclaiming Schevakian Illyria within 24 hours was ignored, war had broken out between the Schevakian Bloc and The Balkan Federation, shortly after this a group of Balkan Federation members set fire to the Schevakian capital city, with this event the Schevakian people were in uproar with the Schevakian allies of Sylvia, Fianna, and Ozai, coming to their aid with small shipments of arms from Goomlandia. Soon after the news had reached Wohlstand, Wohlstand had left the Balkan Federation after hearing the atrocities committed in Schenektengrad. Wohlstand had been spared the retaliation of the Schevakian Bloc after evidence was released that Wohlstand had no involvement in the event, this could not be said for its former allies. In the aftermath, former Wohlk 0kej abdicated the throne to Bowilla, after a period of inactivity following the abdication the citizen Duguntho and the former Wohlk revolted against the new king Bowilla, this revolt suceeded and a short lived communist goverment was implemented to recover lost resources. Bowilla, feeling regret, betrayal, and shame left Wohlstand, leaving 0kej and the new member Duguntho to sail the rough and stormy "Sea of Wohlstand".

"Sea of Wohlstand"

The era known as "Sea of Wohlstand", was an era made up of predominantly stagnation, due to the isolationist policies after the Balkan Troubles introduced by Wohlk 0kej, and the inactivity spike after the leaving of Bowilla. This left former Wohlk 0kej to do most of the daily upkeep for the nation, not all of the outcomes of this era were negative. The beautiful and resort city of Vigí was built in one of Wohlstand's colonies, after the isolationist policies were lifted trade boomed with coal, stone, and many villager goods being exported. Northbay had its agricultural production increased along with a small settlement to accompany its new fields. Sadly, at the end of this era Wohlstand collapsed under inactivity and its various stability problems, this left a wave of refugees looking to settle elsewhere, with a small amount of Wohlstandians choosing to stay in the Járn Saari.

"New Fields?"

This era focuses on the settlement of Wohlstandians in the Schevakian state of Ambrosia, as the events in the Járn Saari are negligible, "New Fields?" which is named after the segment of land that was given to the Wohlstandians by the Schevakians of Ambrosia. On this land the town of Svarborg was created which focused on agriculture and alcohol production. This settlement was short lived, after 3 months Bowilla had returned to rally the Wohlstandians and create a new state on the Járn Saari.


This era, "Revolution", was a short one. As Bowilla had rallied the Wohlstandians back to their home island, the Járn Saari, the Schevakian states were reforming into a new empire looking to have Wohlstandians as imperial subjects. After a little over a month the Wohlstandic revolution on the Járn Saari had lost, and the Wohlstandians left the Island for new