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This is a general outline for each type of page on the Elgeis Wiki, designed to make pages easier to read and reduce clutter. Please follow this outline!

Basic headers

All pages should have these two headers unless where otherwise stated.


Should contain a general description that would give a reader a basic idea of the page. Coordinates for locations go here. Note: you do not need to write "Overview:" as a header; you can just start the page with this section.


Can be changed to "Life" for players.

Additional headers

These should be used where applicable, depending on the category of the page in question. Nonconforming headers may be changed to ones on this list (such as using "diplomatic relations" instead of "diplomacy"). If you have a unique header idea, please ask an admin to add it below!

Note: headers should be alphabetized as they are on this list.

Country headers

  • Culture:
  • Diplomacy:
  • Domestic policy:
  • Economy:
  • Geography:
  • Legacy:
  • Members: (can use a country-unique term, such as "citizens")
  • Notable locations:

Event headers

  • Background: (this can be merged with History)
  • Casualties:
  • [type of event]: (e.g. protest, battle; the actual meat of the page describing the happening itself. Should be in chronological order.)
  • Legacy:
  • Players involved:

Item/document headers

  • Background: (this can be merged with History)
  • Status:
  • Text:

Location headers

  • Geography:

Organization headers

  • Legacy:
  • Members:

Player headers

  • Life: (this can be merged with History)
  • Ban:
  • Leaving the server:
  • Legacy:

Religion headers

  • Tenets:
  • Legacy:

Treaty headers

  • Background:
  • Legacy:


  • Please only hyperlink once per section!
  • Player and country usernames not capitalized should still be capitalized on the wiki. However, a note should be made in the overview section that the name of the proper noun is uncapitalized in-game.
  • For the sake of minimizing clutter and the finger aches of writers, players may have a standardized short name on the wiki that may be used to refer to them after they have been mentioned by their proper name once in a section. (Ex: Goomyman77 vs Goomy.) This short name should be shown in their character description on their page.