O' Brother

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During Ambrosia's run as an independent nation, The_Brunt wrote and published many books. O' Brother was the [INSERT NUMBER] book among them and describes a tale of heartbreak from a personal perspective.


O' Brother

Where Art Thou?

With open arms, I greeted you,

Distraught at seeing your demise.

To turn a cold shoulder, I simple could not comply.

A nation at my doorstep,

It came to great surprise.

To let a culture die; It seemed no small aside.

And O', how I cried,

For my brothers sunken by the tide.

To throw away my pride...

How could I reply?

In Ambrosia they did confide,

For I could not deny.

I vied... to provide A place to reside,

Where one could strive to more than just survive,

But truly be alive.

And O' in betrayal, they did defy me:

They who lie, and criticize.

For why, there is no compromise...

They only deride me.

And O'... the treachery.

O', the discordance.

The spirits have been angered,

And perhaps I may have pampered.

I tried not to lecture,

Yet, I should have afforded....

much more accordance.

I woke up to see my historic forests destroyed.

The mountains carved out.

The native canines on decline.

The people shouting, of my oppression...

Demanding constitution, while betraying the spirit of democracy.

O' the hypocrisy

All this for some fleeting industry.

How far did it get you?

And yes, I was under stress,

While you treated my great country with plain jest and utter disrespect.

Mere weeks later, you left, at the first chance you get,

Abandoning the ship that you yourself have cleft,

Back to whence you came:

Pretending your cries of pain... were just a mirage in the rain.

O' I could've tried to complain, but alas,

It was all in vain.

And there I was, Just I who remained,

While you returned to the place you said you would never.

I thought it was to be gone forever.

But it seems you just caught me by the feathers:

Tethered me to this great fabrication.

Where there was once admiration, there only now is indignation.

And I have returned, From my brief vacation,

With new resolve:

Never again will I be involved

With such a situation.

Ambrosia will not be taken advantage of.

Its landscape will not be raped.

Heresy will not be embalmed.

Our people will not be complacent.

Your crimes will not be absolved.

-Lord The_Brunt of Ambrosia

11th of September, 2020