Montrosians Can You Hear Your People Call You?

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Note: This page is in reference to the second anthem of Montrose. For the original, visit here.

Montrosians Can You Hear Your People Call You? was written by FlyingGMM and adopted by the Montrosian Assembly on February 10, 2021.


The instrumental track for Montrosians Can You Hear Your People Call You?

Montrosians can you hear your people call you?

Can you hear them, calling out to you?

Hear them call you to take up their banner

See how it flutters, in our land’s lofty air

That grand yellow banner, in such a bold manner

Oh, how it stands for the rights we all hold

We shall not forsake it; flutter we shall make it

We must resist all tyrants’ efforts against us!

With swords, shields, and axes, and grand noble praxis

Do we rush proudly to the fires of war!

We fight for our country, her honor and glory

Let our brave actions be enshrined evermore!

See those who fell in the past, those who gave all

Those who refused to let the tyrants’ yoke hold!

Shall we forsake them, shall we forget them?

Shall we let all their sacrifices be in vain?

Oh no, we shall never! We shall ever

Hold out our borders and our rights on our own!

Though there will be hardship, though there will be grieving

Montrose we fight, fight your battles for you!

Come now Montrosians, hear your kin call you

Take up our flag with your shield and your sword!

As we have always, we will yet further

Stand, fight, and die in the land of our own!