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Marisholm is a nation in the southwest of Elgeis on the west sea, comprised of mostly the Maristian island chain. BreadGuchii is the leader.



BreadGuchii, a longstanding member of Nyania, convinced the people to vote in favor of claiming an ocean monument for the purposes of creating a public-access guardian farm. Because this claim encroached upon the WSC Reserve, it went unrecognized by the international community and thereby was not developed.


On 30 May, 2023, during the Third Naadic War, BreadGuchii decided to leave Nyania due to mounting social pressures. They overclaimed the Nyanian Ocean Monument and the rest of the Maristian Island Chain, got approval from the WSC, and henceforth founded the great state of Marisholm.


The Maristian Island Chain consists of seven major islands and seven islets divided amongst three provinces. The ocean between and surrounding these islands is known as the Sea of Stars. Most major islands are connected via the MELT (Marisholm Belt), an undersea glass highway system.

Province of Nebula

Nebula Springs

The largest and Easternmost island in the chain, home to the Nebula Springs, connected via Nebulith Gemway MELT connection.

Lumina Key

A large island home to villagers and one of two island thickets, connected via The Queen's Station MELT connection. Trees radiate light upon this hideout from the dark.

Remnant Reefs

A small tuft of islands sprouting from Nebula Springs, these four islets are the remains of withered dreams.

Province of Quasar

Isla de los Últimos

A medium-sized island, also known as the Isle of Last Words, houses the Wreck of the Starlit Symphony and the Maristian rabbit pen. It is connected via Echo-Point Terminal MELT connection.

Cayo Astral

A small islet, this makes up half of La Puerta de Meteoritos, a connecting point in the MELT between the capital and the rest of the nation.

Islotes Gemelos

These two islets are the other half of La Puerta de Meteoritos. They are also known as the Twincrest Islets.

Province of Exomon

Zenith Bluff

A large and proud island overlooking the great city of Ecliptaris Prime, connected via Noblessica Pavilion MELT connection.

Sea Dog's Rest

A small island with two ancient oaks, a symbol of stability in the ever-changing cosmic landscape.

Serenity Sands

A small beach island whose sand contains glimmers of distant realities. It is said that those who meditate amongst the fragments unlock hidden doorways to cosmic wisdom.

Stardust Shoal

A medium, western island that holds the second of the two island thickets, lit by trees of enormity. It is connected via the Ebonglow Nexus MELT connection.