La Nordomontoj

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La Nordomontoj is an estate in northern mainland Obios


La Nordomontoj was built (and is being built) to incorporate the surrounding nature, its lush forests, and tall mountains, into its builds. One of the key tenants of La Nordomonta architecture is minimalism, building only out of necessity.

L'urbeto (The town of la nordomontoj)

L'urbeto (the town of La Nordomontoj is marked by the mountains surrounding it in the middle of the island and the fences surrounding it.


The government is a simple direct democracy, where any citizen can submit proposals. There is also a mayor of the town of La Nordomontoj


Well La Nordomontoj is religiously free, it is built to be grove faith compatible, and as such end and nether products are not allowed within the estate


The language of La Nordomontoj is Montparolo. Montparolo is a very easy language to learn, as it has no irregularities and consists of simple grammar.