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Grooge64 is a Goomlandian politician, businessman and philanthropist, serving as leader of Goomlandia since November 28, 2019. A renowned industrialist, Grooge has focused for years on gold farming operations that have propelled him to his status as one of the richest players in Elgeis, and the cornerstone of the Goomlandian economy. This massive wealth has financed his charitable organization Grooge's Generous Grants (GGG), which indiscriminately donates huge sums of resources to those in need and is the most prolific nonprofit in the world. Grooge is considered by many to be the greatest leader in the history of Goomlandia, and is credited with shepherding his nation from being a dilapidated rump state teetering on the brink of collapse into the Goomlandian Renaissance and to its current status as the most prosperous and populated country in Elgeis.

Early life

Birth and Childhood

Artistic and Agrarian Endeavors

Goomnest and Coma

Business and Industrial Rise

El Dorado

Industrial Beginnings

Turtle Time Wars

Vansk-Fianna Conflict

Political Career

Goomlandian Minister of the Economy

Co-Leader and Brokate Administration

Leader and Goomlandian Renaissance

Incorporation of TheFreeMen

Balkan Troubles

Incorporation of Deimos