Green-Top Party

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The Green-Top Party is a political party of Sylthiem, created by _Racc00nn_ on January 2nd, 2021.

Green-Top Party Objectives

The Green-Top Party is a socialist party fixated on obtaining and sustaining equal opportunity, financial equality, and protection from mobs and hostile nations to all citizens of Sythiem and players wanting to become Sythiem citizens. The making, moving, and trading of wealth should be owned or controlled by the workers. Gear, Food, and starting materials will be given to or available to new citizens, the cost of these starter packages, and any aid given out by the government will be directly paid for by a collective tax of the people, the imposed taxes would be a small amount regardless, but larger amounts for richer citizens.

The Green-Top Party would plan to set up community food/resource farms, but always promote local businesses, enact in trade with other countries on behalf of the people, and never start a war, but must always be prepared for one. The Green-Top Party would have a very small amount of taxes go towards military funding. Most of it would be put into defense, and the rest into a small non-violent police force. However, during war times or times of high international tension, more of the military budget can be focused on creating a standing army. The Green-Top Party would not enact a draft.

The Green-Top Party wants Sylthiem to be a place of peace, freedom, community, and acceptance. A nation where you can get drunk beyond measure, and fill your stomach with the delicacies of the pristine gravely mountains.