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Grassgate was an event which occurred on January 3, 2020, during which MTJNC, a citizen of HUM, allegedly assisted by foreign nationals, planted grass and flowers using bonemeal across much of central Montrose. The grass was planted with the alleged purpose (claimed later) of harvesting it "for the bees", but this is disputed due to, among other reasons, earlier referrals by MTJNC for FlyingGMM to simply "do a controlled burn" to get rid of the swathes of dense foilage, which would not yield any resources.

MTJNC attempted to correct his wrongdoing and apologized profusely in the Sylvian Discord after it was pointed out to him by GoatWhisperer that "if someone did this to my stuff, especially having invited vocal enemies of our state to participate in doing so, I would request they be kicked out." He attempted to remedy the situation by cutting the grass, but was disallowed from doing so and then barred from Montrosian territory when he insisted on cutting the grass anyway. MTJNC somehow died twice during this grass-cutting venture, neither time from PvP combat.

MTJNC's screenshot of his basement, showing that he is secluding and starving himself for penance.

MTJNC locked himself in his basement shortly thereafter as a self-inflicted penance for his crimes.