Fort Zoning Violation

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Fort Zoning Violation was a Sylvian embassy/fort erected in Vanskovich.


On 16 August, 2019, as part of Epic Montrose Time, FlyingGMM and Abstacious traveled to Vanskovich, just outside modern-day Winterfell. There, they began constructing a cobblestone building with a surrounding wall. When MedimaNN discovered this, he asked them to leave, but the pair insisted that they were there peacefully. The Sylvians claimed the building was an embassy, but MedimaNN saw it as a fort and a violation of Vanskovich sovereignty. Again, MedimaNN insisted that they leave, and offered them 4 stacks of cobblestone. FlyingGMM and Abstacious accepted the offer, but remained in Vanskovich at the structure. MedimaNN called goomyman77 for assistance, and later, argetlam04, another Sylvian, joined on the side of his fellow countrymen.


Abstacious, argetlam04, and goomyman77, all agreed to a mock skirmish at the fort.