Fool's Gold

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Fool's Gold is a poem/fable written by The_Brunt and was sold for ten gold ingots.


Fool's Gold

Gold, gold,

the Ambrosian told.

A story unfold,

deep and old.

Of trolls and tolls,

bold and cold.

A fool would claim

to have control.

But don't fret

and don't scold:

Don't let the pot


For gold is a mold,

to soil all trouble

and toll.

There once was stole, a

soulless pole,

By a coy, a coil,

a boy ye old.

But a hole, insole,

ensued like oil;

Imbued in his laurels,

an unsoothing roil.

A tune of holed morals,

An amusement in scrolls,

The ruse of thin foil,

A ruined tinge loyal.

No room for more spoils,

For this load

be so old.

Of trouble and toils,

a fool claims his gold.


13th of July, 2020