Dinoking93 Excavation Incorporated

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Dinoking93 Excavation Incorporated, abbreviated as "DEInc", was a corporation-state founded and headed by dinoking93, which specialized in excavation. Its leader commonly excavated unclaimed (and sometimes claimed) land to increase his excavation skill, claiming that he received "16 diamonds an hour" from digging dirt alone, due to MCMMO. This claim was later proven mathematically impossible. It largely served as a front for diamonds gotten from x-ray operations done by dinoking93, and was dissolved upon his ban for those operations.


DEInc was formed in early February 2019, although the exact date was not written down. Its base of operations was on Heaven Island, which was owned by Divinity, a previous state led by dinoking93. Dinoking93 quickly accumulated the highest excavation skill on the server.

When plans for a large corporate tower were being made, DEInc. began selling shares of the company in exchange for diamonds, iron, and quartz blocks to build the tower with. Shortly after the last transactions, however, dinoking93 was banned for the aforementioned x-raying. Dinoking93, after his ban, willed his tower to Goomnest, although the Sylvian Union with the help of Abstacious took it down and salvaged the materials.