Det Er Kaldere Der Det Kom Fra

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Det Er Kaldere Der Det Kom Fra (OC: It's Colder Where That Came From) is a compendium of prose texts written by a group of unknown cave dwellers. They have been put together and have been closely studied to put together assumptions of who wrote what. This compendium serves as the foundation of Acharism's history.


Chapter I: "our cave"

From The Hunter:

"there is nothing more rancid than our stock of foodstuffs. for the longest time i have foraged only the grossest foods. the deterioration of skin. but it is all we can sustain ourselves with, as we have no source of agricultural growth. why have we failed ourselves?

we live in pure misery. this damn lava is all we have to keep ourselves warm. giusephe told me about how his friend fell into it and got turned to a soul. it's not even safe. the work of the great stalmar, i swear."

From The One:

"cold! cold! COLD! it's cold down here! i hope we can find ourselves a lower land. something warm. saurjan explains to me his idea of connecting us to the sealer's dominion. he says it takes this warm lava and the cold water which turns into a solid rock. he doesn't know how to pick it up, though, and he says it must be placed in a doorway pattern. that's all he knows."

Chapter II: "a found society"

From The One:

"there is a sort of bright immersion from that hole they say we ought not approach; they believe it to be the shining of the Great Stalmar, an entrapment to tangle us in dystopia. but i dare not follow the norms of society; the benefits of exploration are too much to hide from damnation.

they didn't believe me when i said that it was a whole new world. i looked upon it into the distance, and there was no evil to be found. an infinite array of water surrounded the soft ground upon which i walked. nobody believed me, except for one. this one who believed me approached me. they asked. i showed. we explored together. we had never seen such magnificence before. but we found one thing unusual. there were all sorts of these brown and green structures that resembled the exact texture of that wood we had been surrounded by. we knew we were in for a huge beginning to a new society. this one that went with me, i told them about other people. i had seen them. they wore shiny blue clothing and destroyed these structures. we knew not their intentions but we were sure they were not harmful. we still, however, dare not approach them."