Brewery Accord

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The Brewery Accords was a book written to work out the tension between Schevakia and Vostok through their mutual ally, Montrose. After signing the accord, there was much drinking and merrymaking!


Following a series of escalating verbal conflicts between Schevakia and Vostok, it became clear that some type of mediation was needed between the two countries to mend relations. Montrose offered to host a summit where the two countries discussed their grievances with one another and worked through them. The summit was a success, and both countries agreed to change their actions to accommodate the boundaries of the other. Below are listed what both sides have agreed to.


- A toning-down of remarks made about Vostok’s land usage and building construction methods, perceived as hostile by Vostok.

- A cessation of the construction of the planned wall on their border with Vostok.

- A revocation of the travel ban placed on citizens of Vostok entering Schevakia.

- An assumption of goodwill in Vostok’s future actions.


- A revocation of BirchwoodMC’s blocking of Thepolg, which caused the planning of Schevakia’s border wall and travel ban on Vostok.

- An assumption of goodwill in Schevakia’s future actions.

Delegations from each country have met at Montrose’s brewery on 2/8/2021 to ratify this accord, hoping for more amicable relations moving forward.