Baile nUisce v.1

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Note: This document was never publicly released in-game. It was taken from Pirka's inventory and transcribed to be put on the wiki for history preservation's sake

Written by Pirka, Baile nUisce v.1 is a book which was found in Pirka's inventory after their departure from Elgeis. The book describes the town of Baile nUisce and the lore behind it.


Welcome to Baile nUisce!

Fáilte go Baile nUisce!

NOTE! You should only be here by invitation from the High Court of Baile nUisce or by other members of Ríochtaí na nGael. If you are here by mistake, know that entry is not automatically allowed, but you may petition the High Court. Please respect our borders and sovereignty.

Foreigners may only wanter in Baile Mháfat without invitation.

A disregard for this will result in death.


Baile nUsice (Irish for Watertown) is a town built on a chain of islands. We have quite a few waterways, so expect to leave a little wet! Baile nUisce was founded as small outpost of the Ríochtaí, and the first house was Teach Oisín (address of which is AN CHÉAD DROICHEAD 1) on the northern tip of Saint Ned Isle. As in the entirety of Ríochtaí na nGael (Kingdoms of the Gaels), the primary spoken language is Gaelic. Houses numbered north to south, east to west.


Baile nUisce is an independent member of Ríochtaí na nGael. This means that Baile nUisce has its own laws and government. The seat of government is in the High Court of Baile nUisce (Cúirt Ard Bhaile nUisce). All administrative correspondence, whether spoken or written should be addressed there.

Each island is a war (barda) and is administered separately. Please see the pages 7-8 for a list of all wars. Further pages will have a description of every ward.

Oileán Naomh Ned

(St. Ned's Island)

Oileán na Feilme

(Farm Island)

Oileán Dairbhre

(Oakgrove Island)

Máthair na nGaibhní

(Mother of Smiths)

Oileán Naomh Helen

(St. Helen's Island)

Baile Mháfat


An Chanáil Mhór

(Grand Canal)


This is the biggest and most populous of wards. It was the first island in Baile nUisce to be settles and thus has a few historic landmarks: an Chúirt Ard, the seat of the government of Baile nUisce; the first house (at AN CHÉAD DROICHEAD 1), the Long Tunnels (na Tolláin Fhada), where all earthen materials are mined to this day; and St. Ned's Square (Cearnóg Naomh Ned), where all manner of useful and quaint shops and pubs can be found.


Although this is actually one island, it is treated as two wards, because the former produces crops (wheat, potatoes), and the latter the lumber that the town uses to build. Not much to see here, although a few people do make their homes here. There is no footbridge to these wards, so one must take the boat.


This is the industrial district of Baile nUisce, which can be seen in its use of stone in its architecture, which helps prevent fires. Blacksmiths were the first to settle on this section of land, hence the name. This ward is actually part of the mainlan (an Tír Mhór), although there are plans to run more canals as Baile nUisce explands. Painc na nGael can be found in this discrict as well.


Named after an important figure in Gaelic religion, this island houses much of the town's fishermen and potionmakers. Although nobody will stop you, it's better to take one of the free boats parked in the small dock on the southside of the island instead of taking one of the many parked boats along the canals. This island is found between Oileán Naomh Ned and Baile Mháfat.


The meaning of this name has been lost to time. This is the northernmost ward of the town. The sandy nature of the island has helped glassworkers and concrete workers make a living here. Baile Mháfat also has the welcome center and is the only ward in Baile nUisce where foreigners can wander freely.


While not a ward in its own right, the Great Canal needs a description of its own. It cuts Oileán Naomh Ned from Máthair na nGaibhní, and is the major thoroughfare throughout the town. Boats may only be parked on its western side.