Vailan Infrastrucure Projects

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"All Vailan infrastructure projects are philanthropic ventures started to connect the world and to make travel to and fro easier for everyone."

The BELT Project

After being named "Master of Infrastructure" for the Kingdom of Vailan, Flashy10 set out to create the largest and most expansive infrastructure project in server history.  The first goal of the project was to connect the vast Kingdom of Vailan to itself.  This was accomplished by connecting existed rivers to one another through canals, ravines, and everything in between.  This meant that travel for citizens from the capital to the outskirts of Vailan territory could now be made with an easy boat ride.  The second goal of the water-based transport network was to connect the Kingdom of Vailan to surrounding countries.  The first phase of which were Stradova and Sylvia.  After the test run of the network started looking positive for everyone, Phase 2 was rolled out.  Phase 2 was a large undertaking, as this required a long stretch that went through: 1) a desert, 2) a plains biome, and 3) a mountain.  However, the work payed off, as now the country of Goomlandia and all surrounding entities were able to travel to Vailan.  Some of the residents of these countries were able to visit the north for the first time due to the simplicity and availability of travel by water.

The NELT Project

After completing all that he wanted to do, Flashy10 moved on to a project that would help connect those not near water.  This initiative was named the NELT.  The premise is simple.  Bring the accessibility of the BELT to the next level by only requiring someone to have a nether portal.  With this innovation, he was able to connect all countries to the NELT.  Even some countries that, previously, were not connected to a Vailan infrastructure project were now able to be connected to this new NELT.  The NELT offered very quick transportation as Packed Ice was used in the nether and all that was required for travel was a boat.  This meant that a trip, such as Vailan to Stradova, that use to take 5 to 10 minutes now

only took 5 to 10 seconds.  That is not an exaggeration, this transportation system was so effective that you could travel 4,000 blocks in less than a minute.