An Open Letter to the Faith of Yusefarianism

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This document was written by Earthseer of the Grove Faith CreeperColder, and was the primary document that instigated the Grove-Yusefist War.


The Grove Faith has recently learned of aspects of Nether worship being practiced within the Yusefarian religion, as well as other more widely questionable practices, such as condoning a seemingly immoral deity by appealing to grey morality. Whatever the case may be, we in the faith have always understood that dedication is a laborious thing, and as of such we understand perfectly when people do not want to make the tough but necessary sacrifices one must make as a part of our religion. However, we cannot stand idly by as people venerate the concepts that are anathema to our very existence, and in truth a danger to the survival of all the free peoples of the Overworld and those who do not stand with the Fire Spirit King. As of such, the Faith has composed an open letter, addressed to the Yusefarian Faith, and its most esteemed heads, Kaleidoeyes127 and ThePoptartTARDIS, in the hopes that those bad practicies can be rooted out and misunderstandings cleared up. The Grove Faith is not at all a militant religion, but if forced, we will protect the safety and integrity of the Overworld by all means necessary, be it words, or, in the case of those failing, stronger means.


I cordially address this letter to the Yusefarian Faith, may their days be long and hardships few, but foremost of all to the Most Esteemed Matriarch Her Eminence KaleidoEyes127 and the Most Esteemed Patriarch His Eminence ThePoptartTARDIS, who to my understanding have acted as stewards and guides for their people and can thusly cast light upon new paths for the religion.

As of two days back it was suddenly and dismayingly called into the attention of followers of our own Wisdom of the Grove that one of the objects of your worship is a deity of the Nether, and darkness, and decadence, as you yourself have titled him. Soon, our fears gained affirmity: under the guise of moral neutrality and acting for free will, one of our folk’s old enemies, the Fire Spirit King, has insidiously rooted himself within your religion and is using you to draw power for himself so that he may reign not only over the Nether, but soon as well conquer the world we call home by the might of his legions of tormented souls and dark powers.

You have named us “Sad Tribers” and “Cringe Tribers” in the past to mock our faith, but today your words attain a prophetic quality, for truly I am saddened that it must come to this, and I cringe at the thought of what may come to pass if this letter reaches no avail. However, as much as I lament it, I must now directly, wholeheartedly and intensely implore you as to the following:

  • Abandon the worship of the Fire Spirit King, whom you deem Jusef, and restore you faith to the sole worship of Yusef, who encourages the things goodly.
  • Recognise the darkness and evil at the heart of the Fire Spirit King, and deem him evil, even if he is a necessary evil to maintain free will in your worldview.
  • Cease your collaborations with the Fire Spirit King and his minions, be it via effigies, altars or (should you have been tricked even into this) working with his minions, the living dead and spirits of the Nether,

I sincerely hope that this letter appeals to the sense of reason and truthfulness your believers have displayed in the past, and that these reforms will be undertaken and the threat to our world stopped with all due haste. However, I do recognise that as simple as the conclusion may be, reforming a faith takes time and disputation. Therefore, I hope that the Yusefarian heads of faith, may the fortune spirits always smile upon them, deign to reply positively to this request within the scope of one week. In the contrary case, I should with great anguish in my heart announce your cooperation with the old enemy of our Faith, and seek other, likely for us both less preferred methods to convince you to relent, as one does not with wayward dear friends, whom I call you and would with the greatest of joy persist in calling you, but as with those who aid and abet in the schemes of the enemy. And rest assured that we have no intention of forcing our habits or traditions on anyone, nor do we take any pleasure in warfare; however, we will not hesitate to fight those who threaten the wellbeing of the very world we all share, and shall do so if need be.

I hope this letter finds you all in good health and in the graces of the spirits

Yours sincerely

CreeperColder, Earthseer of the Grove Tribe and Grove Faith, on the behalf of his people both by blood and by wisdom