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The Split

Buckman_62 and Flashy10 officially split from Vailan on 07/17/2019. The split occurred due to the Kingdom of Vailan not succumbing to Flashy10's aggressive nationalist policy regarding the enforcement of religion and land claims. Al A'Deaq had one goal in mind during its inception; reclaiming the 'holy sites of Oarfanism' that had been taken by outsiders. Most notably, Al A'Deaq focused on the 'Spruceville Canal', a structure built by Flashy10 and vetous, which had been partially ceded in a land agreement with Montrose.

The Reconquista of the Spruceville Canal

After the agreement between Vailan and Sylvia during the Spruceville Canal Crisis , the future Al A'Deaq members felt that the Sylvians had taken a holy site from them. Because of this, the Spruceville Canal was the target of the Al A'Deaq Reconquista. The fighting began at 11:00 PM EST on 07/17/2019. After the Al A'Deaq brotherhood stormed the canal, Gabeford, and then the Prosperity League HQ, the Sylvians and Vailanders ceded their respective portions of the canal to the Al A'Deaq brotherhood. The conflict was officially over within the hour.

The Union and Settling Differences

On 07/28/2019, the previous Brothers-In-Arms from Vailan and Al A'Deaq decided that fighting wasn't necessary. In the time between the Reconquista of the Spruceville Canal and 07/28/2019, both group's view on the expansion of Oarfanism had become more aligned. Because of this, the Al A'Deaq state decided to rejoin the Kingdom of Vailan so that they may spread the good news of Oarfans as one.