Godeka Nibainin

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Godeka Nibainin is a Syltian card game that uses a standard Syltian Deck. The goal of the game is to collect as many pairs as possible in order to get the largest prize at the end of the game. This is also a betting game, the prize earned at the end of the game is dependent on how much the players added to the betting pot.


The symbols representing the suits in Godeka Nibainin. From left to right: flint, poppies, pearls, and bells.

Godeka Nibainin is a Sylthian card game that uses a standard Syltian Deck. The Sylthian deck contains 36 cards, with 9 ranks and 4 Suits. The ranks are as follows: 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, 7’s, Diplomat’s (or a ‘dip’), and Chief’s. The 4 suits are flint, poppies, pearls, and bells. Only the ranks are relevant to Godeka Nibainin, while the suits can be discounted.


The goal is to collect as many pairs as possible, in order to get a majority of the betting pot. With 36 cards in a deck, 18 pairs will be collected by the end of the game. A ‘pair’ are two cards of matching rank, for example; two sevens, two threes, two fives, etc. The amount of pairs a player holds are concealed in their inventory or in a chest. Once a pair is collected, that pair is effectively out of the game.

The game begins with each player getting 4 cards each. Each turn begins with a player putting a bet into the betting pot. Each player in the game must match the bet, or else be removed from the game, shuffling their cards back into the pile and leaving their bets in the betting pot.

The player who is playing their turn then asks another player for a card in an attempt to collect a pair. Usually, players will ask for a card that matches the rank of a card that they already hold. If the player that was asked has the card, they must hand it over. The player may then ask another player for a card.  If they do not have the card, they will announce this, saying ‘drega’ (meaning ‘draw’), and the asker must draw a card from the deck and end their turn.

This continues until all 18 pairs in the deck are completed. At this point, the betting pot is divided into 18 parts to match the amount of pairs, and each player is rewarded with one part per pair they collected.

If there is any remaining amount in the betting pot due to imperfect division, the remaining amount is automatically given to the person who collected the most pairs. They must accept this additional amount with the declaration “Vígjada vera Leikinkona!” (Blessed be Leikinkona!). After this, the game is considered done.

An example of the betting pot being divided at the end of the game.